Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows

by Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows

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A tale of cannibals, psychedelic drugs and divine intervention.


released November 24, 2015

Jack Harlon-Dawson the 3rd



all rights reserved


Jack Harlon &The Dead Crows Bendigo, Australia

Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows is a Psych Doom project focussing on the exploits of a drug-addicted outlaw in the west.

Contact: lizard105@live.com

Social: www.facebook.com/jackharlondoom/

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Track Name: Drifter II
Chose my fate, my mistakes no longer hang over my head
Laid my plans here my brother.
Cause' I dictate the price that's paid, regardless of adoration.

Gods were falling down
Lambs were being slaughtered in the belly of the city

The beasts that feed on fire
Expelled men from their lungs
Vexation their desire
Domination, era of the interdimensional

Lord, forgive my heresy
For they break bread, and drink MY wine
Lord, your boy's in debt to me,
Ain't saved shit since I've been alive

And still she waits, black bruised face
And crosses tangled through her hair
Ain't no hell for my Priestess
An ashwood grave, still she plays a part in my fascination
My own thorny crown,
Reaper of the dead
Saviour of the livin'
Track Name: Peyote Sandman
Broken bones snapped by those defiled by sun,
Punctured lungs bleeding stars and mud
I drained my wrists, became a witch
For the first time in my life I felt alive
And watched the world regenerate

Bleeding stone cut my throat to ease my pain
Mary's smile coiled around her face
She named me King, devoured my sin
Cut the last remaining tie between my body and reality

Forgotten and renamed,
Far from natural,
Birth repeating
Over again and again and again
Track Name: Damned If I Don't
My Mama told me time and time again
Success can take some time and hard work makes a man
'Said it's not easy
But in due time they'll know my name

Young boy with an undecided future, an ego to be tamed.

The devil told me, while rollin' round the bend
That fortune can be mine and hunger can be fed
He said it's easy
Just take that pen and sign my name

With my two feet on the ground,
I turned that devil down and sealed my fate
This life o' pain
Track Name: Lizard Brain
Blinded by the mind
Hangin' on the wire
Through the gates of hell
Madness is the ail

My weathered veins are runnin' dry
Damn crippled hands ain't realigned

Waitin' for the end
Price up on my head
Aches to give a damn
Order breaks a man

My lizard brain is firin' blind
Ain't gonna dance until I die